Voters are Not Pleased with Democrats Amid Biden’s Presidency

Democrats pulled out all the stops to get Joe Biden in the White House during the 2020 presidential election. However, in an ironic and unfortunate twist for Democrats, a Biden presidency is now backfiring on them.

For starters, Biden’s approval ratings only surpass the 50% mark in two out of 50 states. The 46th president’s approval ratings already played a role in Democrats losing control of Virginia; it’s also predicted to hurt Democrats going into the congressional midterms.

The poll numbers are only a part of it, though. Policy issues and the vast amount of problems facing the nation are collectively part of why voters are turning against Democrats altogether, per Washington Examiner.

Where Americans Stand Today

Biden is in the White House today because he was able to get not just votes from Democrats, but he also managed to get Independent support and even votes from Republicans who soured on former President Trump.

Yet, many Americans are expressing buyers remorse regarding their votes for Biden. For instance, multiple polls have shown Independent support for the president declining as time passes.

Growing numbers of Independents are displeased with how Biden is dealing with the economy, inflation, the supply chain, etc. The president also hasn’t done himself any favors with Independent voters by breaking his promises to unify the country and turn down the divisive tensions.

Likewise, Independents are hard-pressed not to notice how Biden absolutely failed to shut down COVID as he vowed to do when he was looking for votes to become president.

The Priorities of American Voters

Amid multiple polls, it is not difficult to take a look at where the priorities of American voters lie. These priorities deal with COVID and inflation. However, Biden has failed to address either of these issues.

For all of Biden’s mask mandates and COVID vaccine mandates, COVID is still here. Likewise, the White House remains completely derelict in its duty to get a hold on inflation.

The root cause of inflation traces directly back to Biden’s spending bills. However, in real-time, the president and his Democrat supporters in Congress are looking to pass yet another spending bill that will fuel inflation.

Gas prices also remain out of control. Again, this is yet another matter Biden’s making worse by going after the energy sector in the United States. Even some Democrats, such as Sen. Joe Manchin, are calling on Biden to permit energy production at home.

To do this, the 46th president is going to need to re-instate Keystone XL Pipeline and back off of his plan to destroy Michigan’s Line 5 pipeline.

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