Video Shows Drag Queen Straddling Teenage Girl at NC School

Recently surfaced viral footage features a drag performer engaging with a young girl in a lewd manner, amid an LGBTQ pride gathering at a North Carolinian educational institution enrolling pupils as young as 14 years old.

Lap Dance Delivered to 14-Year-Old Pupil in Front of Grown Ups

A clip acquired by Libs of TikTok unveils numerous grown-ups chuckling and observing a drag entertainer seemingly delivering a lap dance to a pupil at Forsyth Technical Community College just the previous Wednesday.

The public tertiary institution houses a pair of on-campus secondary school programs, commencing enrollment at the ninth-grade level. Images uploaded to the school’s authorized Instagram profile display drag queens striking poses alongside young females.

In a statement to Libs of TikTok, the educational facility asserted that the event welcomed students spanning all age groups.

Libs of TikTok procured a recording that captured various grown-ups amusedly spectating a drag artist seemingly offering a lap dance to an attendee at Forsyth Technical Community College the prior Wednesday.

School Was Aware of the Drag Shows

“The learners, akin to all collegiate pupils, possess the freedom to partake in any student gathering,” declared the institution.

“Forsyth Tech dedicates itself to serving as a bastion of promise for our attendees. To realize that pledge, our mission, vision, and equity declarations have been explicitly delineated.”

Publicity paraphernalia for the 2023 Pride Festival, conducted at an on-site eatery, showcased a quartet of drag artists. It also showed a “drag enactment” and “complimentary sustenance, beverages, melodies, and diversions.”

Joshua Swift, Director of Forsyth Public Health, conveyed a statement to Fox News Digital on Tuesday evening, disclosing that POSSE had utilized $58 in taxpayer funds for the event’s provisions. However, he also distanced himself from “the purported activities that transpired.”

Forsyth Tech declined to furnish any additional response beyond its former statement.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.