Video: Retired Marine Takes Robber's Gun, Beats Him With It

Members of the U.S. Marines and other military branches continue to be of great service to this nation. In many cases, that service occurs both in and out of the civilian world. Recently obtained footage of a retired Marine official defending a bar from a robber serves as a prime example.

What Happened?

Earlier this week, a man walked into an Altoona, Pennslyvania bar with a gun on his person. At around 1 AM, the individual attempted to rob the bar. This prompted him to get into a physical altercation with the on-duty bartender who also happened to be a retired Marine veteran.
The two men wrestled with one another and in the midst of handing over cash, the veteran was able to disarm the robber. At least one shot went off, but neither individual was hit by the bullet. The veteran also managed to strike the robber in the face with the gun. Although the subject fled the scene, law enforcement managed to track him down to a backyard in a nearby residence.
Law enforcement officers also discovered that the gun which the robber left behind was reported as stolen months ago.

The Takeaway

The showdown between the retired Marine veteran and the robber should serve to everyone as a reminder of the greatness of military service. People in all branches of the military routinely put their lives on the line because they love this nation and the citizens of this nation.
Next time you see a veteran or a current member of the military, thank them. Thank them for their service to our country. Many of these people make sacrifices that the average civilian cannot imagine. America has holidays set aside to honor servicemembers, but in actuality, every day should ┬ábe ‘Veterans Day.’
What are your thoughts on this story? Have you directly witnessed a situation where a veteran or current servicemember bravely came to the rescue? Let us know in the comments section below.
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