Vicious Coronavirus ‘Murder for Money’ Scheme in Hospitals Gets Exposed

An absolutely vicious crime – known as the “murder for money” scheme – during the COVID-19 pandemic in hospitals nationwide is getting increasingly exposed.

This is happening amid ongoing Justice Department crackdowns and promises by an anti-corruption lawyer that he would soon make significant public revelations into the matter.

Big Revelations Promised

The various abominations that occurred nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic are yet to be uncovered for the public. However, it seems as though the “murder for money” scheme may have been one of the most appalling ones.

According to Ohio-based anti-corruption lawyer Tom Renz, the scheme in question was implemented – “in many cases” – by “doctors” and “nurses” with fake diplomas, the Gateway Pundit reported.

Commenting on ongoing DOJ actions on the matter, Renz wrote on Twitter that he would have “major news” on the matter “soon.” He added the revelations in question were the biggest “developing story” in the United States at the moment.

For the time being, it remains unknown what the anti-corruption attorney is about to reveal.

However, his promise came after the Justice Department announced more than two dozen suspects had been nabbed. This happened amid their plan of “selling” fake degrees in nursing and academic transcripts from “legitimate” schools.

The DOJ said together with the Inspector General of the Health Department and other law enforcement agencies, it started a “multi-state law enforcement action” to bust the participants in the fraudulent nursing diplomas scheme.

As part of the operation, 25 people have been charged. Numerous searches have been carried out in New York, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Fake Nurses, Massive COVID Funds Abuse

The Justice Department informed that under the scheme, fake nursing diplomas, as well as transcripts from legitimate nursing schools in Florida, were sold to people seeking employment as registered or licensed practical nurses.

The false credentials were used to get employment in healthcare.

As part of schemes, over 7,600 fraudulent degrees were issued by three South Florida nursing schools – Sacred Heart International Institute, Siena College, and Palm Beach School.

Each of the 25 defendants in the case could receive a sentence of up to 20 years. Last month, the Justice Department charged 18 individuals, including doctors, in a vast crackdown on the abuse of COVID-19 health funds.

The latter scheme caused $490 million in losses to federal programs through theft and false billing.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.