Vice President Visits New Hampshire for Talks with Union Workers

The Biden administration has not treated union workers kindly. 

During President Biden’s very first day in the White House, he signed an executive order that destroyed 11,000 union jobs. Then, Biden and his allies had the audacity to state that union workers who lost employment due to the Keystone pipeline shutdown could simply find new jobs. Months later, these new jobs have yet to appear. 

“20210225-OSEC-WH-0003” (Public Domain) by USDAgov

Despite treating union workers as expendable this year, the Biden administration still wants their political support. This is why Vice President Kamala Harris visited New Hampshire yesterday, as Townhall reports. 

What to Know About Harris’ Visit to New Hampshire

The purpose of the vice president’s Friday visit to New Hampshire was to run a promotional campaign for Biden’s $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” spending bill. When Harris spoke to union workers on Friday, she neglected to mention that only 6% of the so-called Americans Jobs Plan focuses on infrastructure. 

Instead, the Democrat vice president declared that no one in the United States should have to work more than one job. Harris also opined that a “good job” is one that permits workers to purchase shelter, food, and possibly an annual vacation.

Additional remarks from the vice president centered around “education after high school,” more commonly known as higher education. According to Harris, there should be a “variety” of paths for young people to pursue after they complete high school; Harris then cited apprenticeships, technical colleges, etc., as some possibilities. 

The Truth About the $2.3 Trillion Spending Bill

Harris’ time in New Hampshire and remarks before union workers did not paint an honest picture of what the American Jobs Plan entails. When 9.6 out of ten things in the package are completely removed from infrastructure, branding the legislation as an “infrastructure” bill is purposefully deceitful. 

At the end of the day, Biden and Harris don’t truly care about union workers; they just want to pass this costly spending bill for political gain. If the Biden administration cared about or valued the contributions of union workers, they wouldn’t have ruined so many great union jobs earlier this year. 

As Harris rallies for a massive spending bill, she still has not visited the Southern border; nor has she addressed the nation in a press conference regarding the border crisis. 

What do you think about Vice President Kamala Harris’ remarks in New Hampshire about the costly spending package? Do you believe the Biden administration truly cares about union workers? Let us know in the comments section below.