VETO: Trump Upholds National Emergency At Southern Border In First Veto Of Presidency

On Friday, President Trump issued the first veto of his time in office following a Congressional resolution to override his national emergency declaration.

Reviewing the Veto

The president declared a national emergency, following an ongoing impasse between himself at=nd Democrats. Following a historical, 35-day government shutdown and a temporary reopening of government, Congress failed to put forth legislation to keep government open and fund effective border security.
As one might imagine, the national emergency declaration was met with intense backlash from the Democrats. True to their word, the left-wing fought the national emergency by issuing the resolution to override the president’s declaration. However, Trump didn’t stand for it. The president denounced the resolution as unsafe to America and noted that protecting his country is his “highest duty.”
Shortly before the official veto, President Trump issued a tweet which foreshadowed what was to come:

Response to President Trump’s Veto

However, following the veto, many members of the president’s base stated that issuing a veto served as the right decision.
Many Americans are concerned about illegal immigration and the inevitable impacts which ripple out across the nation. While the fate of the now-vetoed resolution hung in the balance, Trump urged Congress to vote against the resolution and in favor of effective border security.
Of course, Congress has had multiple opportunities to work with President Trump on effective border security and they have chosen not to do so. The resolution is just another last-ditch attempt at blocking the president from building the border wall and fulfilling a major promise which he made on the campaign trails in 2016. The time for games is up. The stakes are too high and we must build the wall.
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