Vaccine Passports Now Banned by Georgia

"Covid-19 vaccine passport application co" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Vaccine passports in the United States are gradually being nipped in the bud. A growing number of Republican leaders have taken real action to curtail the use of these devices in society. 

At this time, multiple Republican governors have executive orders in place barring the state government from requiring vaccine passports. Florida, on the other hand, took things one step further.

“Digital Covid vaccine passport in China” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Governor Ron DeSantis first signed an executive order barring the use of vaccine passports by not just the state government, but also Florida businesses; then, the state legislature of Florida codified DeSantis’ executive order, turning it into law. 

Earlier this week, Georgia became the latest state to take executive action against vaccine passports, as Fox News reports. 

Saying No to Vaccine Passports in Georgia

GOP Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia made clear that vaccine passports are not welcome in the Peach State. Kemp’s executive order maintains that the state government, state properties, agencies, and service providers may not require vaccine passports. 

The Georgia governor stated that while he himself is vaccinated against COVID-19 and encourages others to receive their shots, Georgia will not embrace vaccine passports.

Kemp also noted the existing concerns that many Americans have about being forced into getting this vaccination; he then noted that forcing the COVID-19 vaccine on folks isn’t a workable strategy. 

Kemp’s executive order against vaccine passports does not include Georgia-based private businesses. The governor cited his belief that businesses which become too high-handed with vaccine requirements will eventually drive customers away.

Later, Kemp stated that he doesn’t want to set the precedent of the government interfering with how private businesses operate. 

Individual Choice

The Georgia governor’s messaging is consistent with where most other Republicans stand on vaccine passports. Strong majorities of conservatives do not support requiring folks to get a vaccine or show proof. 

Mandatory vaccine passports are more akin to a plot from a dystopian science fiction film, rather than something that should ever happen in America. Still, leftist states and leaders are pushing hard for vaccine passports; Democrat voters have even openly claimed that people who do not receive the COVID-19 vaccine should be prohibited from normal engagements in society. 

Republicans believe that whether or not one gets vaccinated ultimately boils down to individual choice. Furthermore, vaccine passports would give the government significant power and control; the use of vaccine passports also opens up the door to an Orwellian social credit system. 

Are you glad that Georgia has taken action to ban vaccine passports? What do you think about the Georgia governor’s executive order on this matter? Give us your views about vaccine passport programs down below in the comments section.