US Stages Nuclear Show-of-Force to Prevent Iran from Waging War on Saudis

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While the world is focused on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, another area of the world is a powderkeg that could blow sky high at any moment.

The US government has carried out a nuclear-armed show-of-force operation in the Middle East by flying two nuclear-capable bombers, according to sources, to act as a deterrent for Iran’s suspected plan to attack US ally Saudi Arabia.

Specifically, US intelligence believes Tehran may strike Riyadh’s energy grid and infrastructure.

Oil Prices May Skyrocket Even More if Iran Attacks

Shiite Muslim Iran and its proxies throughout the Middle East have been locked in a decades-long cold war with Sunny Muslim Saudi Arabia and other Arab Persian Gulf states.

While somewhat controversial, America’s alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations has been one of its most long-standing commitments.

At the same time, Iran’s regime has been under US and other Western sanctions since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, and even more so over the past 20 years, because of its nuclear program, which the West suspects is seeking to create nuclear weapons.

The situation inside Iran is also spiraling out of control.

Iran is Currently in Turmoil…

Over the past few weeks, Iran has been experiencing unprecedented anti-regime, pro-democracy, and pro-freedom protests, which the dictatorship has violently put down.

The street riots started when a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Aminin, was killed by Iran’s morality police because of her clothing.

The US military sent two nuclear-capable B-52 Stratofortress bombers on a Middle East flyover mission, the US Department of Defense announced on Thursday.

However, the specific goal of the mission seems to have been only revealed by an unnamed Pentagon official who said it was meant as a “show-of-force message” to the Iranians, as cited by Politico.

The show-of-force was performed by the US military precisely because US officials believe Iran is plotting a direct attack on Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s top producers and exporters of oil.

Any potential destruction of Saudi oil infrastructure would likely spike world oil prices and cause further gas price and overall inflation increases in the United States.

Iran’s ‘Great Time’ to Attack the Saudis

Besides the possible Iranian plan to wage a direct war on Saudi Arabia, the US and Saudi governments also suspect a growing Iranian threat towards Iraq, according to another Pentagon source who also remained anonymous.

The US still has thousands of service personnel in military bases across Iraq, and Middle Eastern militias linked with Iran are constantly targeting American and allied forces in the region.

One of the large-scale attacks of this type occurred in August in Syria, whose regime is allied with Iran as well as Russia, and led to retaliatory American airstrikes on Iranian proxy targets. 

According to the first Pentagon source, the regime in Tehran believes that its regional opponent Saudi Arabia is aiding the current flare-ups of anti-government protests across Iran, which may be why the Iranians are mulling an attack on the Saudis.

According to the second source, the Tehran regime considers the present moment a “great time” to carry out “more attacks” in the Middle East.

The reports about the Iranian threat to Saudi Arabia have raised the alert level of the US and Saudi military, which have prepared Patriot missile defense batteries for action and are mulling moving fighter jets.

At the same time, the US has been worried by Iran’s growing military collaboration with Putin’s Russia as the latter is mauling Ukraine’s civilian population even as it is losing badly in military terms.

The Russians have already employed thousands of Shahid-136 killer drones delivered by Iran, and the two dictatorships are presently negotiating Russia’s purchase of Iranian short- and medium-range missiles.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.