US Military to Get Waterborne Drone Technology to Combat China

The US military is developing more sophisticated technology in response to China’s rising military ambitions, which could result in Taiwan’s invasion otherwise.

According to US military officials, China is the primary “pacing challenge” for the US military, which means the communist nation is pushing America to invest more in modernizing its barracks and arsenal.

US Military Ready to Challenge Chinese Military Technology

Due to the changing nature of strategic challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, the US Navy is developing waterborne drone technology in response to the modernization of Chinese military machinery.

Once the US acquires this technology, it will help American forces to deploy the waterborne drones into the Pacific Ocean, without the involvement of any sailor or operator.

With the help of drone ships, the US Navy wants to keep an eye on Chinese military movement in the Pacific Ocean without putting the sailors and expensive machinery in danger.

Some of these unmanned vehicles, including Saildrone, are capable of being deployed for multiple months without the need for maintenance.

While the water-based drones are comparatively newer than other surveillance technologies, the US is already using the smaller versions of these drones in the waters surrounding the Middle East.

Navy officials believe these drones will be integrated with artificial intelligence, traditional submarines, and aircraft carriers in the near future, which would make them undefeatable.

One of the primary advantages of using waterborne drone technology is it will help the US in avoiding costly mistakes which have made multiple traditional ships ineffective.

In recent years, several combat ships have developed propulsion problems, while the “advanced gun system” of some ships is too expensive to maintain.

Similarly, some aircraft carrier ships have problems with their launch system, which has increased the worries of the US military.

Liberals Do Not Want to See US Military Advancement

Liberal critics have repeatedly complained the US military is using unnecessary technology in its combat ships, but the Navy veterans suggest otherwise.

According to a commanding officer of the US Navy, Cmdr. Jeremiah Daley, it is essential to move the technology forward to catch up with the changing strategic challenges.

Although the Navy allocated $433 million for purchasing and maintaining “crewless surface vessels,” this fiscal year, some Democratic lawmakers are warning against using too much money on the new products.

Congresswoman Elaine Luria, who is also a retired Navy officer, suggested the military should not waste “all the resources” on drone ships, adding the failure of other ship programs already wasted millions of dollars.

Luria further noted the US should avoid making “wholesale investment” in these drones, as the technology is not “mature enough.”

This military investment of America came at a time when China is getting increasingly assertive against Taiwan.

China repeatedly asked the US “not to play with fire” on the Taiwan issue.

So, America is feeling the urgency to create a formidable deterrence for China so it does not dare challenge the US strategic interest in the Indo-Pacific region.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.