US Government Locates New Flying Spy Balloon From China

Over the years, China has proven to be an increasingly more formidable competitor to the United States. Meanwhile, Chinese officials have been more than clear in their quest to overtake the United States as the dominant force on the world stage.

Recent reports from the American government predict our country could very well find itself at war with China sooner rather than later; though others have warned this is nothing more than alarmism that’s unlikely to come to fruition.

Either way, a rising number of instances exist of China finding new ways to spy on the United States. First, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell found himself getting involved with a woman who was later revealed to be a Chinese spy.

Then, reports emerged of the Chinese buying up US land, purchasing other property in the country, and even covertly setting up their own police stations in certain American communities.

However, the latest developments warn that a spy balloon from China is flying over parts of the United States. According to Fox News, the Pentagon recently discovered yet another flying spy balloon from the communist regime.

A Closer Look at the Pentagon’s Big Reveal

Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, the spokesperson of the nation’s Pentagon, warns that China is now using multiple balloons in order to spy on America.

According to Ryder’s account, the spy balloon in question is currently making its way through Latin America. Meanwhile, the first balloon from China that the US government discovered was seen flying over the state of Montana.

Further government reports indicate that officials initially considered shooting these balloons out of the sky. However, this is being held off on for now, due to the negative impacts the materials could have upon falling out of the sky.

There’s no denying that the discovery of these balloons is going to further contribute to the strained relationship between America and China. Already, Chinese government officials are providing a very different story regarding the balloons detected by the United States.

China’s Version of Events

According to the Chinese government, what US officials have detected is little more than a “civilian airship.” China furthermore claims this “airship” is being used for meteorology and somehow veered off of its intended pathway.

Nevertheless, many Americans don’t believe this version of events. In fact, much of the general public has criticized Biden for allowing this to happen and not taking swift action to stop it.

At the rate things are going, China could very well send more balloons over the United States. How our government officials ultimately choose to deal with this remains to be seen.

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