US Continues to Battle Against ISIS in Afghanistan

Ever since the US abandoned Afghanistan in 2021, the country has devolved into a nesting ground for ISIS terrorists. Now, the Taliban government has decided to ally with the US in dealing with the jihadists.

Even though the US fought against the Taliban for years, the fundamentalist group eventually took control of Afghanistan immediately upon the departure of the US Army. Now, they’ve taken up the responsibility of fighting against ISIS.

Afghanistan withdrawal still causing issues

In fact, the conflict between the two groups of religious fanatics has quickly escalated into an all-out war, with both sides committing atrocities on a daily basis.

When ISIS decides to attack ethnic minorities and governmental institutions, the Taliban fired back by cracking down on their hideouts.

It’s a wicked cycle that we managed to get out of. A US defense official claimed we practically mortgaged our counterterrorism efforts to the Taliban; as bad as it sounds, it’s functioning to a degree.

Somehow, we live in a world where both the US and the Taliban have a common enemy. Their battle against ISIS is mutually beneficial in a number of ways; although the US is definitely the one coming out on top here.

The comments came after a leak from the Pentagon showed an assessment claiming ISIS is once more using Afghanistan as ground zero for the development of their anti-American, anti-European, and anti-Asian terrorism schemes.

A mutual enemy

Currently, even though the Taliban are dealing with the terrorist group, the very existence of ISIS poses a growing security concern for the US, as they could strike at any time, without warning.

US intelligence dug up a number of plans targeting churches, embassies, and business centers, including the World Cup soccer tournament. While a great deal of these plans was already in full view as early as December, their number has grown by at least 15 in two months’ time.

Despite the assessment coming from the Pentagon itself, the White House refused to verify the authenticity of it, allowing the terrorist group to continue with their efforts undisturbed.

National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson stepped forth to defend Biden’s honor, claiming the US maintained the ability to remove terrorists from battlefields without there ever being continued troop presence on the frontlines.

Another US defense official assured the majority of these ISIS plans never get carried out; they’ve historically been high in number, but only a few were actually executed.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.