Uprisings Against Forced COVID Vaccine Mandates Begin

COVID vaccine mandates are rolling out one after the other. Many people across different sectors and occupations are being told that if they want to keep their jobs, they need to get the COVID vaccination.

Of course, the vaccine mandates are being lauded and cheered by Democrats. There is no line that leftists won’t cross when it comes to mandates regarding COVID. Democrats don’t even believe that parents should have a choice in the matter of whether their children wear masks in schools.

Vaccine mandates do not engender trust; in fact, they strengthen and further legitimize concerns about the coronavirus vaccine and government intrusion. It is for this reason that uprisings against forced COVID vaccine mandates are beginning, per Breitbart News.

Pushback Against Forced COVID Vaccination

Washington Democrat Governor Jay Inslee recently announced that healthcare center workers in the state will need to get the coronavirus vaccine by the end of this month. Inslee, like other Democrats, is all on board with vaccine mandates and with firing healthcare workers who refuse.

Ironically, the firing of healthcare workers who decline to get the COVID vaccine is coming at the same time as reports that hospitals are getting overwhelmed. Many people have therefore questioned the logic behind firing healthcare workers when they are supposedly most needed.

However, Washington state residents are pushing back against yet another COVID mandate. Protesters demonstrated this week outside of Good Samaritan Hospital. Although, Washington is far from the only state to see pushback against forced COVID vaccinations.

Residents in Kentucky and Tennessee are also speaking out against the forced masking of children and vaccine mandates. All in all, there are many folks across the nation who believe that they should be the ones to determine whether or not they get the COVID vaccine.

All About Power

It is becoming more and more apparent that power, not health, is the real motivation behind COVID vaccine mandates. These mandates are being rolled out weeks after health official Leana Wen declared on national television that the lives of unvaccinated Americans need to be harder.

Officials can’t claim to care about health, yet fire healthcare workers who decline to get the COVID vaccine. What’s happening right now is that Democrats and others are looking to browbeat people into submission regarding this vaccine.

That’s why leftist cities like New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and others are passing orders that say proof of vaccination is a condition of entry to businesses. At this point in our nation, pushing back against blanket government mandates is absolutely vital.

What are your thoughts on uprisings against COVID mandates? Do you believe these mandates are about protecting health or about asserting control and power? Let us know in the comments section.