Unpopularity of Social Distancing on the Rise in America

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

For more than six weeks now, officials in various sectors have crammed social distancing down the throats of Americans. Arguments in favor of social distancing assert that this practice will help flatten the curve and reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission.
Now, many people were willing to social distance and shelter-in-place, at first. However, as time passes, Americans are tired of being asked to completely rearrange their lifestyles and forego livelihoods over a virus that is mild 80% of the time.

The reality of nearly 40 million Americans being out of work thanks to these types of restrictions is another likely contributing factor towards social distancing’s growing unpopularity.
Now, Breitbart News confirms that folks in this nation are “slowly breaking” from social distancing protocols and seeking a return to normal, everyday life.

Growing Pushback Against Social Distancing

According to a poll from Gallup, the amount of Americans adhering to social distancing protocols has dropped from 84% to 74% over the past several weeks. By contrast, the amount of Americans who openly admit that they haven’t considered avoiding small gatherings and keeping with social distancing has surged from 9% to now 17%.

Outlooks on social distancing in America are also divided across party lines. Republicans are more likely to not steer clear of gatherings than their Democrat counterparts. When assessing Independent voters’ outlooks on social distancing and keeping clear from small gatherings, their views rest somewhere in the middle of Republicans and Democrats.

Why is Social Distancing Becoming Unpopular?

The unpopularity of social distancing is likely attributed to the massive job loss triggered by shutdowns. Nearly 40 million people in this nation don’t have jobs; that is serious and would explain why so many Americans are hosting demonstrations against shutdowns, reopening their businesses on their own volition, and suing governors over stay home orders.

Social distancing was always meant to be a temporary measure. The curve of COVID-19 has flattened in America; despite this reality, however, Democrats remain content to keep shoving social distancing and sheltering-in-place down people’s throats.
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