UNMASKING ANTIFA: We Uncovered A Mainstream Democratic Operative's Secret Life As A Communist Antifa Leader

It appears as though liberal fascism is getting more and more extreme in the United States. The Daily Caller Foundation recently learned that Jose “Chepe” Martin, a leader behind the far-left Antifa movement, lives a double life. When Martin is not terrorizing law-abiding citizens behind the anonymity of his mask, he maintains a position as an organizer of Smash Racism DC. To top it all off, Martin is also a hardcore communist.

A Full Overview of Martin’s Double Life

36-year-old Jose Martin harbors some of the most appalling and extreme views one can imagine. In addition to believing that wealthy individuals should face execution, Martin furthermore champions the forceful overturn of the government. All things considered, his communist roots and extensive ties to radical left-wing organizations are really no great shocker.
Although Martin loathes capitalism, this has not prevented him from making the most of social media platforms. Using the name “Chepe,” the Antifa leader has promoted his most extreme viewpoints, such as abolishing capitalism,¬†uplifting socialism, and executing the rich.

A Deeper Plot Twist

While using an alias may already raise flags to most sound-minded individuals, the details surrounding Martin’s identity get even darker. It turns out that neither “Chepe” and “Jose Martin” are real names. In fact, the real, legal name of the self-professed communist and Smash Racism DC organizer is Joseph Alcoff.

Full Circle

The story regarding Joseph Alcoff is actually quite simple when you look at it closely. Alcoff uses his aliases to promote the most radical and far-left agendas on the political spectrum. However, when employing his legal name, Alcoff presents a milder facade and cozies up to various left-wing establishments and politicians.
In actuality, it’s not at all shocking that someone with Alcoff’s disturbing viewpoints would align themselves with Antifa. After all, Antifa is the group of thugs which hides behind masks like cowards and commits crimes. Their antics have become so violent that they’ve earned a classification of “domestic terrorist violence,” according to Homeland Security.
As this news breaks, it will be fascinating to see whether or not Democrats continue to align themselves with Joseph Alcoff. If you’re looking for the liberals and progressives to denounce Alcoff’s ideologies as too extreme, don’t hold your breath. Since the election of President Trump, Democrats have made it more than clear that they endorse extremism and violence against individuals who do not toe their line and abide by their agenda.
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