Unfake The News: The Media Never Learns Anything

In a new quest to determine whether or not the mainstream media will ever engage in fair, accurate and unbiased reporting, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Vince Coglianese has launched “Unfake The News.”
In essence, “Unfake The News” does exactly what it says and corrects the many instances where the press has botched critical stories or conveniently misrepresented certain things for the sake of pushing an agenda.

Everything You Need to Know about “Unfake The News”

“Unfake The News” has documented the countless instances in which the media has put out fake news. The assertion that Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of beating President Trump in 2016, the narrative that the Covington Catholic High School students were racists, etc are just a few examples of fake news. The leftist leanings of the press are readily apparent to anyone who is paying attention.
The Daily Caller News Foundation’s program moreover noted the “reckoning” which will follow if (or rather when) the Russia investigation is finally forced to concede that President Trump never colluded with the Russian government. The narrative of collusion is another piece of fake news which the liberal mainstream media has ongoingly peddled.

The Dangers of Fake News

There are many people in this country who fail to recognize the danger of fake news. On multiple occasions, the press has made it flagrantly obvious that they simply don’t care.  Regardless, intentionally putting out fake news is extremely hazardous and divisive. The rise in attacks on conservatives and right-wingers has evidenced this.
For months, the media has promoted the narrative that anyone who supports conservatism or President Trump is a racist. This has empowered radical far-leftists to go after anyone on the right and even resort to physical attacks, throwing drinks, or worse. All of this is documented within the many videos which have gone viral and made the rounds on social media.
For as long as fake news continues to exist, “Unfake The News” will be needed as a necessary foil.
What are your thoughts regarding “Unfake The News?” Give us your takeaways in the comments section down below!
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