Unemployment Took a Slight Climb in April 2021

"West Virginia National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Unemployment remains a serious issue that the United States must combat for the betterment of our people, economy, and nation. Getting folks back to work benefits not only employees, but also businesses and employers. 

“West Virginia National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Last month, reports of labor shortages rose. This is an unfortunate consequence of some people choosing to collect unemployment benefits instead of taking one of many countless job opportunities. Meanwhile, Democrats are continuing to call for ongoing stimulus payments, a measure that would only further hurt economic progress. 

According to Washington Examiner, economic recovery took some body blows last month with national unemployment slightly rising. 

A Closer Look at Unemployment in America

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, April only saw 266K new jobs, a number significantly lower than what economists predicted. Moreover, the rate of unemployment in the United States actually accelerated to 6.1%. 

One economist described last month’s employment report as the “most disappointing” of all time. Each month that America fails to gain new jobs actually puts the country behind on fully recovering from the harm engendered by shutdowns and government restrictions. With that in mind, the necessary jobs needed by the labor market for a complete economic recovery is 8.2 million. 

Sadly, the country is a long way from reaching this milestone. 

Cracking Down on Labor Shortages

The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics makes clear the need to end labor shortages.

Right now, the most effective way of ending these shortages is getting Americans back to work. No longer should people be permitted to lounge at home and collect a government check amid an abundance of job opportunities. 

Florida is already taking steps to crack down on labor shortages. Earlier this week, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis stated that Floridians getting unemployment assistance will soon have to show proof of job searches in order to qualify for this aid. 

Other states should adopt similar measures. Furthermore, the federal government must refrain from sending out more stimulus payments. The nation simply can’t afford to keep spending like this; moreover, labor shortages will never end if the government keeps paying people to stay home and refuse work. 

What do you think about the jobs report from last month? Are you concerned about delayed economic recovery and ongoing labor shortages in America? Let us get some insight into your viewpoints in the comments section below.