Underground Shooting Range and Ammunition Found at Gangster's Home

On Thursday, California police discovered an underground shooting range, guns, and ammunition in the home of a gangster, according to reports from Townhall.

Reviewing the Underground Shooting Range

Law enforcement officers discovered the aforementioned shooting range after carrying out a search warrant. Of course, the individual at hand was taken into custody; California police officers also issued the following statement regarding their discovery of the gangster’s shooting range, ammunition, and firearms.

“We will never give up on keeping our community safe and free of violence. We are the champions at Hide n seek and no manhole will help you. If you run, you will go to jail tired. If you do crime in our city, we will hunt you in the pursuit of justice.”

Now, many Democrats and members of the left-wing may view this report as ammunition to support their anti-gun policies and positions. In reality, this report actually speaks to why Second Amendment rights are so imperative for law-abiding citizens.

The Case Against Gun Control

As stated and proven repeatedly, criminals do not follow gun control laws. The preceding discovery of the underground shooting range, guns, and ammunition is a prime example of this fact. California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and yet, a gangster still managed to build an underground arsenal. This ought to be a warning and wakeup call to anyone who blindly believes that gun control is merited and life-saving.
Gun control does not save lives, has not saved lives, and will never save lives because it cannot be enforced upon individuals who are not lawful citizens. As long as Democrats continue to deny this reality, more and more gangsters will arm themselves with weaponry while law-abiding individuals are left as sitting ducks.
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