Uncle Joe Makes Yet Another Gaffe…

Once again, Joe Biden has put his foot in his mouth about issues which are sensitive for many people. This has become a recurring theme for Biden and it’s definitely going to be problematic for him if it continues.

As of now, Biden is still the Democrat Party’s frontrunner candidate, but he significantly lost support from left-wing voters after the first primary debate. Furthermore, Biden has faced ongoing censure from progressives, accusations of inappropriate physical contact with women, and backlash for his previous work with segregationalist senators.

Biden’s latest misstep comes in the form of statements he made while campaigning in Seattle, Washington, according to Fox News. In an attempt to note the progression of the LGBTQ+ community, the former vice president actually made matters worse for himself and received pushback from the audience which he was speaking to.

Reviewing Biden’s Latest Misstep

During a campaign stop in Seattle, Biden proudly stated that merely five years ago poking “fun at a gay waiter” would have been acceptable. However, people who came to hear Biden speak disagreed with him. Various attendees stated “not in Seattle” and otherwise informed the former vice president that his ideas about five years ago were mistaken and incorrect.

Shortly thereafter, Biden attempted to run damage control by noting his support for gay marriage while serving as vice president under Obama.

More Blunders to Come?

Thus far, Biden has taken heat from his party in regards to his remarks on race, work with controversial senators, and now his statements about LGBTQ+ people. Many Americans have stated that Biden seemingly means well, yet lacks the awareness to discuss certain issues. His previous gaffes have only fed into progressives who believe that Biden is not fit to serve as the nominee for their party.

Only time will tell whether or not Biden continues to make political blunders, embarrass himself, and take more hits to his frontrunner status.

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