Ukraine Spy Leaks Expose Dark Secrets of Biden Regime

The credibility of the Biden regime has been in question ever since the beginning, but it just keeps getting worse.

Now, Biden and his motley crew are getting very close to checkmate after the release of a treasure trove of spy documents leaked from Ukraine. This is the biggest intel leak since Edward Snowden busted the NSA for tracking Americans illegally in the summer of 2013.

Deep State Details Leaked

Recently, a trove of documents relating to US spy operations in Ukraine, Russia, and around the world was leaked on the internet. Apparently, everything indicates they are real; although Russia and Ukraine say many of the documents are fake.

The report was allegedly leaked on Discord, but it is not clear who posted it or how they had access to these documents.

The leaked report contains more than 100 pages and includes detailed notes about intel operations around the world, including the US infiltration of Russia’s military.

It also includes details on American spy operations on Ukraine going back decades and the US spying on its allies like South Korea and Israel.

Here’s the Twist…

The intelligence leak is a definite security breach, but it also shows a warning about Ukraine losing air power. This now puts pressure on the US to send fighter jets and air support or risk letting Russia take the war.

James Clapper, the Obama-era director of U.S. National Intelligence who lied about Trump having ties to Russia, said it was extremely damaging to the current administration. He also said this leak seriously violates the security of the U.S. and its allies.

Although the veracity of the leak and the content of the documents has not yet been confirmed, it is still causing a lot of anxiety; whether or not it’s fake, this is going to impact the war in Ukraine.

The Bottom Line

At least some of these leaks look real, but why they have been leaked and by who remains an open question.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.