Ukraine President Warns of Global Food Crisis

The war in Ukraine has been carrying on for months.

It’s lasted far longer than the Russian regime ever anticipated. Russia expected to go in and defeat Ukraine relatively quickly; although, this expectation backfired exponentially.

In fact, the longer this conflict lasts, the worse things look for Russia. Multiple of the nation’s soldiers are now being tried for war crimes.

On top of this, Ukraine has managed to beat back many attacks from Russian invaders, thanks to weapons and aid from western countries.

Due to Russia’s insistence on this war, the nation is being hit with sanctions. Furthermore, the Russian economy is depleting as major businesses completely sever ties with the country.

However, while Ukraine is holding its own in this war, various onslaughts from the Russian regime could ripple out and cause a global food crisis, according to Newsmax.

A Critical Warning From Ukraine

Over the weekend, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, laid out some of the consequences that could stem from Russia’s invasion in a matter of weeks.

According to Zelenskyy, Russia’s block of ports in Odesa and Mariupol is sabotaging Ukraine’s ability to ship out barley, sunflower, grain, and other supplies to the rest of the world.

The president of Ukraine noted that just as an energy crisis is underway because of Russia’s war, a global food crisis will be the next domino to fall.

Zelenskyy remarked that nations in Asia, Africa, and Europe require supplies from Ukraine. At this time, the supply of wheat left in Ukraine will only last for about 2.5 more months.

If Russia’s block of ports in Odesa and Mariupol remains ongoing after this time has passed, then the world will have much less access to food than it does today.

The possibility of a crisis entailing this magnitude has largely motivated Ukraine’s calls for more arms as it works to defeat Russian invaders once and for all.

There is no denying that what’s happening in Ukraine has a ripple effect that touches other nations around the globe.

Back to Back Crises in America?

Zelenskyy is not the first world leader to announce the possibility of a food crisis. Several weeks ago, Joe Biden also revealed that Americans may soon be looking at food shortages in our country.

A food shortage crisis would undoubtedly cause further disruptions and anxiety amongst the American public. Between shortages in baby formula and projected shortages in gas, people have already been put through the wringer.

It goes without saying that avoiding the global food crisis being warned about would constitute virtually everyone’s best interests.

Do you think a global food crisis is on its way, due to the war in Ukraine? Can this crisis be prevented? Please let us know in the comments area.