Ukraine Leader Calls for the West, NATO to Show More Courage

Ukraine is not having an easy time. The nation has now been under attack by Russian troops for over one month.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also been commended for staying in Ukraine, even after getting evacuation offers from the United States, and choosing to fight for his country.

However, even though Ukraine has been standing against the Russian forces much longer than anyone really expected, the country is still in a rough position.

At this time, in order for Ukrainians to keep holding their ground, they’re going to need more support, weapons, etc. This is why Zelenskyy admonished the West and NATO over the weekend for what he views as a lack of courage, according to Fox News.

Digging into Zelenskyy’s Message to the West, NATO

In a video speech, Zelenskyy criticized the West and NATO for spending weeks questioning whether or not to send various supplies to Ukraine.

At the same time these deliberations take place, the Ukraine president noted that folks in the city of Mariupol are consistently on the frontlines and fighting to protect themselves and their country.

Zelenskyy noted that things would be much better for Ukraine if the West and NATO displayed merely 1% of the bravery that has come from the fighters in Mariupol.

At this time, one of the Ukraine president’s biggest goals in defending his country is getting more jets, along with tanks, into their arsenal.

Zelenskyy has previously called upon the West to grant Ukrainian skies with a no-fly zone. However, both the West and NATO have rejected this appeal; the rejection comes on the basis that a no-fly designation would be viewed by Russians as a declaration of war.

Walking a Fine Line

Despite the war between Russia and Ukraine happening in Europe, it’s still having worldwide impacts.

Last week, Joe Biden announced that food shortages are going to be taking place, seeing as wheat production and other activities are currently impeded by the ongoing war.

Nevertheless, the West and NATO are trying to make sure they support Ukraine, without making any moves that the Russian regime deems as war being waged upon them.

Already, Putin’s been making various threats towards the West. Earlier this month, the Russian despot also ordered for his country’s nuclear weapons to be put into ready mode.

Time is going to be the ultimate determining factor in how long this war in Ukraine continues to drag out. However, in order for Ukraine to not fall to Russia, support from other nations is going to remain vital.

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