U.S. Economy Gained Nearly 1M New Jobs in March 2021

The labor market is in the process of recovering from months and months of lockdowns. These lockdowns not only put some people permanently out of work, but also forced certain businesses to shut their doors for good. Things are rough for many Americans and a lot more time will need to pass before folks are out of the woods. 

“Airbnb” (CC BY 2.0) by tjdee

Republicans have put in the work to help the economy get back on track. Re-engaging their economies, ending capacity restrictions on businesses, etc,. have allowed for some people to get back to work. Democrats, by contrast, remain just as determined to keep everyone locked down for as long as possible. 

According to Breitbart News, the nation’s economy gained almost one million new jobs last month. 

A Closer Look at New Job Growth in America

The 916K jobs gained by the U.S. economy last month fall into the upper range of the 439K to 1M jobs that economists predicted would come in March 2021. Gains in the job market are attributed to Republican governors in states like Florida and Texas lifting restrictions that adversely impacted businesses. 

According to the Labor Department, jobs in the hospitality and leisure sectors surged during the same time that coronavirus restrictions were loosened. Manufacturing employment opportunities have also grown; although, there are still 500K fewer manufacturing jobs than there were before shutdowns arrived. 

Keeping the Economy on a Positive Trajectory

In order to keep the economy on a positive trajectory, more workers need jobs and more businesses need labor. This means that keeping shutdown orders in place is not feasible. The data continues to show that Republican policies of reopening government and loosening restrictions are more conducive to a successful economy.

Furthermore, states like Texas that have lifted mask mandates and other limitations are experiencing fewer COVID-19 cases than states like Michigan that remain largely restricted. This month’s jobs report will largely depend on whether or not more Americans get back to work; businesses also need to have the resources and demand to re-engage the economy on the front of hiring more workers. 

New polls have shown that the presence of coronavirus vaccines directly correlates with the public’s increased interest in traveling and spending money. 

What do you think about the economy’s job gains last month? Do you think April will result in more jobs and more gains in the labor market? Let us know your projections in the comments section below.