U-Hauls Face High Demand in Blue States

For years on end now, blue states have been pushing policies that are not in keeping with the best interests of individuals or businesses.

In states like California, businesses face exorbitant taxes and a series of regulations. In states like Illinois, people are being fired from their jobs over their medical decisions when it comes to rejecting the COVID vaccine.

Blue states haven’t been in the best shape for quite some time now; however, when it comes to COVID restrictions as of late, not to mention rising crime, these are turning out to be the straws that broke the camel’s back, as confirmed by Fox Business.

The Rising Demand for U-Haul Trucks in Blue States

Reports from 2021 indicate that Illinois and California were the two states to lose the most amount of residents.

According to U-Haul, their trucks are becoming more and more scarce, with most of their traffic going to the red states of Texas and Florida. Apparently, this traffic is in such high demand that U-Hauls are running out of available trucks.

There are many benefits of living in states like Texas and Florida. Neither of them has state income taxes. Furthermore, these states are much more agreeable to businesses, entrepreneurs, gun owners, and other Americans who just want to live their lives.

Democrat leaders in blue states like Illinois and California have made it clear they’re not backing down. They won’t ease off on COVID restrictions or mandates. They also won’t take action to get crime under control or make their communities more business-friendly.

As a result, they should be prepared to keep losing residents. Americans are getting tired of the games played by leftist leaders. The mass moving away from these states appears likely to continue over the course of this year.

Two Americas?

With all the folks moving out of blue states, many residents in states like Texas and Florida are hoping these movers don’t bring left-wing politics to red states.

However, in Florida, the rise of people moving there directly associates with the state getting more Republican registered voters. This seems to indicate that folks fleeing from blue states are conservatives, not blue voters.

Therefore, with red states getting redder and blue states getting bluer, this does essentially create two Americas.

One America is free where businesses can operate with ease, people can live their lives without government oppression, and freedom matters.

In the other America, folks are forced to show their COVID vaccination papers before going to get a beer or visiting most indoor places.

What do you think about the reality that people are leaving blue states so quickly that U-Haul is running out of available trucks? Let us know in the comments area.