Twitter Files: Latest Release Focuses on Content Moderation

The most recent part of Twitter Files was released today as an untimely Christmas gift from investigative journalist David Zweig.

Biden Administration Exposed

With regards to exposing the Biden administration’s explicit and purposeful engagement in content monitoring activities and the restriction of expression, especially when it comes to the COVID-19 virus, this set may end up becoming the greatest yet.

Zweig discovered involvement by Joe Biden’s staff. It has come to light that the White House of Donald Trump was also participating in the activity.

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, together with Twitter, participated in weekly White House discussions to examine the content that needed to be deleted.

Trump requested that Twitter censor “misleading information” on a number of trending topics, such as the expansion of 5G cellphone towers, panic purchasing, and food shortages.

A large number of posts were censored or removed and the accounts of several individuals were terminated.

The bizarre thing about these episodes is that all three topics ended up being debatable. We still lack conclusive evidence of 5G’s possible health effects; although we understand that the towers messed with commercial aircraft’s outdated altimeters.

During the first several weeks of the lockdowns, panicked buying and retail rushes did, in fact, occur. Due to the negative political optics, Trump’s staff simply didn’t want individuals to talk about it.

The first White House session with Twitter after Joe Biden’s inauguration centered on COVID-19 “misinformation.”  They exerted quick influence on Twitter to remove Alex Berenson, a regular opponent of administration policies and CDC “research,” from the site.

Biden publicly singled out Berenson, stating social networking were “murdering people” by enabling Berenson to comment. Within hours, he was restricted and his profile was terminated a month later.

Twitter Under Pressure to Comply

Twitter’s Head of U.S. Public Policy, Lauren Culbertson, claimed the Biden administration was displeased that more users who posted about COVID also weren’t terminated.

The White House exerted overt and clear pressures on them to restrict or deplatform more individuals if they did not comply with administration policy.

The records revealed while Twitter declined certain content moderating requests, showing greater care for free expression than the White House, they terminated a large number of other users.

That includes those of physicians and scientific professionals whose opinions contradicted the CDC’s official line. Now that we know, many of these outside experts were correct, while the CDC made numerous errors.

Certain content moderating was delegated to subcontractors in countries, such as the Philippines, who were assigned to make moderation choices without scientific training in cardiac problems or mask efficacy.

This resulted in what Zweig termed a substantial mistake rate. The Twitter employees who made the final judgments on bans and censorship exhibited a heavy bias toward establishment ideology, per the company.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.