Tulsi Gabbard Explains Her Appearances on Right-Wing Programs

In the Democrat Party, members face pressure to be as extreme and as partisan as possible. This means embracing Medicare-for-All, backing open borders, and denouncing anyone with moderate — or worst of all — conservative leanings.

This poorly thought-out strategy is beginning to backfire on Democrats, but it’s readily apparent that they haven’t learned their lesson. The party is still eating their own and going after members who fail to toe the hardcore, far-left line.

Tulsi Gabbard by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Tulsi Gabbard” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

There is no better example of this than 2020 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard. On Monday, Gabbard sat down for an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast; Fox News reports that during this time, the 2020 candidate explained the reasons behind her willingness to appear on right-leaning programs and speak to Americans who may disagree with her on certain policy matters.

A Closer Look at Gabbard’s Remarks

When speaking with Rogan, Gabbard explained that being president means being a president for all Americans. This, in turn, requires communicating with people who may disagree with her on certain issues. Gabbard also warned against dismissing “half of” Americans and writing them off as “garbage” and “deplorables.”

During Gabbard’s time on Rogan’s podcast, she also talked about taking heat from fellow Democrats, namely Kamala Harris who attacked Gabbard at the fifth Democrat debate, for daring to appear on Fox News and criticize former President Obama on foreign policy.

Gabbard professed that “disrespecting and dismissing” Americans who “disagree with you” or “watch a different news channel” isn’t a smart play for candidates who are truly interested in leading the country. The 2020 Democrat also noted that appearing on shows like Tucker Carlson’s allows her to reach millions of Americans who otherwise wouldn’t receive her message.

Healing Divides in America

“Stronger together,” “bringing this nation together,” and “healing divides” are common talking points from leftists. 2020 Democrats each claim that their presidencies will involve healing this nation, yet they’re clearly not sincere about this.

Despite how much the radical left despises it, Republicans, conservatives, and right-wingers are Americans. Despite this, Democrats have made their lack of regard for political dissenters very clear; they’ve also managed to communicate that no one within their ranks should be reaching across the aisle to speak with the right-wing.

This explains why Tulsi Gabbard takes heat from Democrats when she appears on Fox News or converses with hosts of right-wing podcasts and programs.

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