Tucker Carlson’s Neighbors Tell the Story of a Kind, Down-To-Earth Man

Oftentimes, people describe former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a loud, irritating man who deserved to have been removed from the network ages ago.

Normally, any conservative just brushes this off, knowing he’s been one of the few TV personas actually advocating for the truth, rather than what makes his network some extra money.

Fox lost an irreplaceable host

In order to help the rest of the world see him, as his conservative viewers once could when he was on live television, Carlson’s neighbors from Maine decided to show the true face of Tucker.

This is for those who knew him as nothing more than a TV host.

Namely, the majority of them had amazing things to say about their TV celebrity neighbor, with 75-year-old Neil Olsen claiming Tucker to be one of the most down-to-earth celebrities he’s had the pleasure of meeting.

He reminisced on the many times Tucker would spend time with him in the neighborhood, living life just like the rest of us, even though he was a man with a following in the millions.

Olsen went on to describe how others interacted with Tucker, saying he believes he just wanted to be a normal guy. He’s yet to meet anyone in the neighborhood who didn’t like Tucker or the idea of him.

Tucker is, and always has been, one of us

The neighborhood in question is located in Woodstock, western Maine, where Tucker usually worked during the hot summer days, as he’d had a home studio built there.

Apart from his Maine home, he has another one in Florida; although no one’s asked his Floridian neighbors what they think of him.

A convenience store worker from his Maine neighborhood, Susan Hatstat, called Tucker a polite guy who never acted like a celebrity, even if everyone knew just how popular he was on Fox.

On top of being a good neighbor, Tucker also made sure those around him knew the scope of his work. He even invited Olsen and his family over for a live-studio audience viewing of his show.

Many of the people from the Bryant Pond neighborhood reported that Tucker didn’t seem devastated by losing his job in the slightest when they saw him.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.