Tucker Carlson Planning to Run As Trump’s VP?

Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News on Monday, April 24. The move came suddenly and without warning, shocking conservatives and patriots across the country.

What did Tucker do wrong apart from telling the truth and being real about the problems facing this country?

All hope is not lost. Not only is Fox News already tanking in profits and losing subscribers and viewers all over the place, but it could also be that Tucker has much bigger plans.

Tucker and Trump 2024?

Rumors are swirling online that Trump and Tucker are discussing the possibility of running together in 2024. Tucker became known at Fox for always presenting the harsh truth and speaking out against the radical left.

Although he and Trump have been at odds on some issues, they are both guys who speak the plain facts and don’t care about political correctness.

A Trump/Tucker ticket sounds like it could be very strong indeed, but will it happen?

Tucker’s Next Step

Tucker has a lot of options right now. Being out at Fox is going to lose the network at least a million viewers.

Even though mainstream establishment advertisers and big pharma will jump back on board Fox with advertising money, Tucker was the main reason anybody was watching in the first place.

At this point, he can branch off onto an alternative streaming platform including somewhere like Rumble, make a lot of money, and gain a huge following.

Tucker can also continue to draw more viewers away from Fox and tell the dirty truth about what went on in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

Tucker kept their former good name afloat by offering unique thoughts and real resistance to the Maoist madness gripping the country.

Now, that he’s gone, why would anybody watch? There needs to be a concerted effort to boycott Fox. Turn it off and make this hurt.

The Bottom Line

What do you think about a Tucker Trump ticket for 2024? Would this be a good idea or a flop?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.