Tucker Carlson Makes an Important Call to Action

Division in the United States continues to exceed what many Americans thought was possible. On a range of issues — from education to childcare, immigration, social causes, and more — folks across the nation have wildly different views.

Meanwhile, polling keeps showing that in today’s climate, people are more likely to perceive those who disagree with them as the enemy. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of this division waning anytime soon.

However, amid the growing ideological divides in this country, Fox News host Tucker Carlson just released a critical call to action, as documented by The Daily Wire.

Game On

During a speech before the Heritage Foundation, Carlson stressed the importance of conservatives standing up against evil. Furthermore, the Fox News host explained that many “theological phenomenon[s]” in America go far beyond mere differences in political views.

In other remarks, Carlson told his audience that “larger forces” at work aren’t interested in simply having good-faith arguments about traditional political issues. It is for this reason that the commentator said older conservatives, in particular, should rethink the mindset with which they approach politics.

Finally, before wrapping up, Tucker Carlson explained that Americans could benefit from praying about what this nation’s political climate has turned into.

What Comes Next?

Right now, it’s safe to say that the adversarial nature of America’s political scene appears here to stay for quite some time. Various politicians have repeatedly promised to turn down the temperature of things; however, they keep failing to live up to this.

In the meantime, the onus will also fall on Americans to make the choices that they believe are best for themselves and their families.

On social media, people who heard and agreed with what Tucker Carlson had to say expressed their support accordingly. They also shared various predictions of what the future of this country will look like.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.