Truth: Police Officer, a Legal Immigrant, Was Killed by an Illegal Alien

The plight of illegal immigration in America is well-documented. Unfortunately, Townhall recently discovered that yet another life has been taken because of an illegal alien within the United States. This time, the casualty is a police officer, who also happened to be a legal immigrant.

Everything You Need to Know

On Wednesday, 33-year-old Ronil Singh, a Newman police officer lost his life after an illegal immigrant shot him multiple times in Northern California. At this time, the alien is still at large and highly sought after by law enforcement.
Singh’s death comes after lawfully emigrating to America; his death also leaves his wife without a husband and his five-month-old son without a father. Singh’s dream when coming to the United States was to serve as a member of law enforcement.
Randy Richardson, the Newman police chief, provided the following public statement regarding Singh’s death:

“This is not a big department. This is a department of 12. This is a man that i saw everyday he worked. This is a man I relieved on Christmas day so he could go home and spend time with his family and newborn child.┬áHe was truly just a human being and an American patriot. Ron was not born in America. Ron was born in Fiji. He came to this country with one purpose and that was to serve this country.”

Richardson also noted that Singh was one of the first individuals which he hired into his department before explaining why:

“When I sat with him in the chief’s interview, he told me he came to America to become a police officer. That’s all he wanted to do.”

In Closing

It’s very unfortunate that yet another life has been lost at the hands of an illegal alien. However, the loss of Singh’s life goes to show why illegal immigration cannot be tolerated any longer. This is why it’s so important to take strong measures to build the border wall and crack down on individuals who attempt to circumvent the immigration laws of the United States of America.
What are your thoughts on the latest casualty of illegal immigration? Let us know in the comments section down below.
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