Trust in Mainstream Media Sinks Big Time

Over the past several years now, the mainstream media has taken some body blows for how they report stories; this deals with debates over the accuracy of news and the agendas of certain news anchors.

In the years past, this controversy over the mainstream media has not waned. In fact, it’s led to the rise of newer platforms, such as One America News Network (OANN), Newsmax, etc.

We’ve now reached a point where distrust in the mainstream media is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, Breitbart News reports that this distrust is actually more common than most Americans might imagine.

A Significant Lack of Trust in the Mainstream Media

Just yesterday, a fresh poll from Gallup became public. This poll provides a very clear picture of what Americans think about the mainstream media, as it stands today.

34% of Americans currently stated that they lack trust in the media altogether. Meanwhile, only 7% cite themselves as having a great amount of trust in the media. This left 29% noting a “fair” amount of trust, while another 29% confirmed not much trust.

Almost seven in ten Democrats have fair or great amounts of trust in the media. However, only 31% of Independent voters and 11% of Republicans share this outlook.

Many Republicans have also argued over the years that most media outlets have a leftist bias. This would explain why Democrats trust the media at over twice the rate of Independents and more than six times the rate of Republicans.

The Reality of the Mainstream Media in 2021

The numbers are very telling. Trust in the mainstream media is pretty much on life support; also, there’s no sign that any significant changes to the data above will be happening.

In 2021, the mainstream media doesn’t even pretend not to have bias. Outlets like CNN openly bash conservatives and call for the segregation of vaccinated Americans vs. unvaccinated Americans.

CNN members have also openly mocked Americans who voted for Trump and pretty much anyone else who refuses to bow down to leftist groupthink. This is why Democrats are able to trust the media multiple times more than Independents and Republicans.

If the mainstream media wants to change the numbers in this Gallup poll, they’ll need to go back to reporting news. There’s a very real difference between reporting and opining; outlets like CNN, MSNBC, etc., do far too much of the latter and too little of the former.

If they remain committed to this path, their ratings of approval and trust will continue falling, just like Joe Biden’s favorability numbers.

What are your views on the mainstream media of 2021? Do you trust these news outlets and the narratives they put out? Unleash your thoughts in the comments section below.