Trump’s Save America Tour Takes Him to Florida


America is in crisis right now.

President Biden has opened the Southern border, killed jobs, and weakened the buying power of the American dollar. It’s almost as if this president is trying his best to ruin this country from the inside out. 

Other horrific acts from this president involve making America look weak on the national stage, failing to protect U.S. resources from cyberattacks, etc.; Americans must also not forget that Biden is attacking legislation designed to uphold election security.

This became apparent when the Democrat president sent the Justice Department after Georgia, due to the state’s S.B. 202. 

With America in crisis, saving our great nation is more critical than ever. As Townhall confirms, former President Trump is on a tour to do exactly that. 

The Trump Tour to Save America

Right now, Trump’s tour across the nation entails holding a series of rallies. Most recently, Trump convened with supporters in Sarasota, Florida. Over Independence Day weekend, the former president kept his Save America rally going by discussing pressing matters facing the United States.

One highlight occurred when the 45th president laid into Democrats for peddling this misinformation asserting that Republicans are the ones defunding the police. Even for the left, this is a reach; Democrats in power slashed police funding and even to this day, they continue fighting for the slashing of qualified immunity. The White House, meanwhile, can’t even name a single GOP member supportive of defunding police. 

Trump warned supporters in Sarasota about the strategies of the Democrats. He explained that leftists ultimately hope that tying Republicans to the defund the police movement will work if they repeat this lie often enough. 

While in Sarasota, Trump also warned that we will no longer have a nation if Democrats continue attacking police, keeping our Southern border open, and allowing crime to increase. Finally, Trump reiterated that ending the disastrous policies of Democrats and the Biden administration is a must for saving America. 

The Tour Continues

The work to save America is far from over; as a matter of fact, it’s only just warming up. There is much work to be done; this is why Trump’s Save America rally will continue in many more cities across the United States. 

In the coming days and weeks, Americans can expect to hear more from the former president and his aides regarding the next Trump rallies; with each day of Biden in the Oval Office, the need for the Save America tour becomes more and more imperative. 

Did you attend former President Trump’s rally in Sarasota this past Saturday? Are you looking forward to Trump making more stops on his Save America rally? We want your thoughts about this below in the comments area.