Trump Zings Pelosi for "Mumbling" at 2020 SOTU

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to face backlash for her poor behavior at President Trump’s State of the Union Address earlier this month. Of all the examples of the Speaker’s disrespectful conduct, she’s faced the strongest censure of all for tearing up her copy of the president’s speech; this censure intensified after images surfaced that suggested Pelosi pre-ripped the documents ahead of time.

State of the Union 2020 by The White House, on Flickr

State of the Union 2020” (Public Domain) by The White House

However, as time passes, more and more people are assessing and analyzing the other ways in which the House Speaker chose to carry herself. This is a matter that President Trump himself brought up during a New Hampshire campaign rally, per reports from Fox News. Trump hit Pelosi for “mumbling” behind him while he spoke, stating that this type of behavior was “distracting” and furthermore uncalled for.

Reviewing Trump’s Take on “Mumbling” Pelosi

On Monday, the president gathered with supporters in New Hampshire for the sake of best positioning himself for the state’s primary election. During this gathering, Trump held a rally and covered several subject matters, one of them being Pelosi’s actions at his 2020 State of the Union Address.

While speaking before his audience, the president criticized Pelosi for “mumbling terribly.” After citing the Speaker’s behavior as “distracting,” Trump noted that Pelosi’s mumbling contained “a little anger,” albeit unjustified anger.

Towards the end of yesterday’s New Hampshire rally, the president pointed out that Pelosi’s conduct, amongst other factors, will only help Republicans regain majority control of the House, while maintaining power in the Senate and the White House.

An Explanation from Pelosi?

The House Speaker has faced repeated questions about her behavior at this month’s State of the Union Address. However, Pelosi predictably chooses to justify her actions, citing them as acceptable. When confronted about her decision to tear up her copy of the president’s speech, Pelosi alleged that this act was merely one of protest against a “manifesto of mistruths.”

State of the Union 2020 by The White House, on Flickr

State of the Union 2020” (Public Domain) by The White House

To this day, the Speaker has yet to address the images showing that she pre-ripped pages ahead of time. Furthermore, Pelosi remains silent about the reasons she chose to mumble and grumble while the president formally addressed the nation.

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