Trump to Host Final Farewell Event on Wednesday

The Trump presidency, while not over, is reaching its end. The 45th president conceded earlier this month that he would engage in an “orderly transition” to the Biden administration, come January 20.
During Trump’s time in office, he lowered taxes, added millions of new jobs to the economy, brought anti-human trafficking initiatives into inception, lowered the costs of prescription drugs, and much more. The riots that rocked Capitol Hill last week, however, continue to dominate recent mainstream media coverage.

“President Trump Travels to Texas” (Public Domain) by The White House

On Wednesday, President Trump will depart from the White House, hours before Biden’s inauguration. Before his departure, though, the 45th president will host a final farewell, Breitbart News reports.

A Final Farewell from the 45th President

Next week, Trump’s farewell ceremony will be held at Joint Base Andrews. The 45th president is expected to deliver remarks about his presidency and to share a final message to the American people before his successor officially takes office.
Since Biden’s inauguration will take place at high noon, Trump’s farewell address at Joint Base Andrews will happen on Wednesday morning. Furthermore, following the farewell ceremony, the president and outgoing first family are planned to leave Washington D.C. for Florida in Air Force One.

The 45th president will not attend Biden’s inauguration; however, Vice President Mike Pence will be present at the ceremony. Biden, for his part, stated earlier this month that he’s glad Trump won’t be attending the inaugural event.

Life After the Trump Presidency

While Trump will no longer remain president after the next four days, this doesn’t mean he will be completely removed from politics altogether.
There are rumors that the 45th president may start his own media outlets to compete with big tech and the mainstream press. The demand for Trump-based media is actually alive and well; actions taken by big tech platforms, such as mass censorship and account suspensions, have created such high demand for alternatives.

Many Republicans believe that Trump will also maintain influence in the Republican Party; however, the extent of this influence could alter due to the upcoming Senate trial. Since the House of Representatives impeached Trump earlier this week, a Senate trial is in order. However, there is simply not enough time to hold and complete this trial before the 45th president leaves office.
Are you looking forward to the final farewell address from President Trump? Will Trump’s political influence successfully outlive his presidency? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below!