Trump throws a HUGE ‘I told you so’ at Mueller

There is much detail yet to be revealed in the Mueller Report.  But the fact that there are no further indictments means that there was no collusion between President Trump – or members of his campaign – with Russia.
None.  Hnkto.  No subsequent details in the Report will change that fact or its meaning.
After approximately two years, tens of thousands of man-hours of aggressive investigation and the expenditure of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to find sufficient evidence to indict ANYONE associated with Trump of collusion with the Russians.  Trump’s “no collusion” mantra has been totally vindicated.
It is important to keep in mind that those associated with the campaign who have been indicted in conjunction with the investigation have been charged with secondary process crimes – basically lying to investigators about a crime that is now shown to not have existed according to Mueller.
Of course, there are a bunch of Russian operatives who have been indicted for illegal interference with our election.  The lack of indictments of any campaign official, Trump family member or the President himself means there was no linkage … period.  The Russian counterintelligence investigation is still ongoing on at the FBI, but no longer tied to Trump or his associates.
With this conclusion, the entire political house-of-cards propped up by Democrats and their propaganda arm in the elitist east coast media comes crumbling down.  For two years, they have proffered the argument that the campaign had colluded.  They said it outright.  They flat-out accused Trump of being an agent – and asset – of the Russian Federation.  Democrat historian-hack John Meacham even suggested that Trump was guilty of treason just hours before the release of the Mueller Report.  On a daily basis, they convicted Trump and his campaign in the kangaroo court-of-public opinion of the most heinous crimes against America without a shred of evidence – just false narratives based on political hot air.
That entire false narrative so often presented as fact-based has now crashed to the ground.  It is now clear that for the past two years, the major media has been willfully and maliciously deceiving the public.  They have exacerbated public division discord by engaging in the most shameful partisan propaganda paraded as news.
For months, Democrats have been split over whether to go forward with impeachment regardless of any compelling evidence – mostly just out of sheer hatred for Trump –  or to wait on the conclusions of the Mueller investigations.
Weeeeell, now that they have the major conclusion – no indictments for collusion, ergo no collusion –most of the basis, the reasons, the rationale for all those Democrat-run congressional investigations evaporates.  But they are determined to persist.
As could be expected, the anti-Trump media is filled with talking heads creating amended false narratives.  They say it is still possible that Trump was guilty of both collusion and obstruction of justice but avoided the indictment only because – according to Justice Department regulations – a sitting President cannot be indicted.  Even in the wake of the Mueller Report, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace still claims that Trump is guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice – and she is not alone in the rejection of innocent until proven guilty.  They believe – nay, hope – that other investigations will uncover the collusion and obstruction of justice that were not produced through the enormous efforts of Mueller and his team.
They also argue – without any foundation in fact – that it is only because a sitting President cannot be indicted that Trump was not .  It is pure nonsense to suggest that Trump would be indicted for having colluded with Russians as part of his campaign without anyone else being indicted.  The Democrats’ desperate argument may have had some credibility if those around Trump had been indicted.  But nooooo.  If Donald Trump, Jr. Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, Jerome Corsi, Alex Van De Zwaan and many others did not receive indictments for colluding with Russia – and they did not — it does not take a legal scholar to figure out that the crime of collusion did not exist.
If the Mueller Report has not made liars out of a LOT of Democrats and media analysts, it sure destroyed their credibility – including the smarmy Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who claimed to have seen evidence proving collusion and obstruction.  In desperation to salvage some of the political ground they lost in the past 24 hours, they are demanding to see the details in the Mueller Report.  They are speculating that there could still be impeachable offenses hidden in the details.  Highly unlikely.
Their request for all the paperwork of the Mueller team is nothing more than seeking figurative stacks of hay in the hope of finding a needle.  It is an abuse of congressional power, according to liberal Democrat super-lawyer Alan Dershowitz.  He has even proposed filing a suit against Congress for exceeding its oversight authority.
The Mueller investigation was to answer one primary question.  Did Russia interfere with our election in 2016?  And yes, they did.  That is evident in the fact that a majority of Mueller’s indictments were leveled against Russian operatives.  But not with Trump’s help.  The secondary investigation — into collusion by the Trump campaign — has proven to be a “dry hole.”
Even worse for Democrats, the backlash is coming.  With the vindication of Trump on collusion and obstruction of justice, the political and media spotlight turns to the “why” and “how” this fruitless and bogus investigative sideshow got started in the first place.  The accusation that it was NOT launched as a legitimate intelligence investigation but rather a political investigation to remove a duly elected President gains a lot of credibility – and is worthy of serious investigation.  It is, in fact, an investigation that is currently being conducted within the Justice Department and the FBI by the Inspector General.  With the collusion issue out of the way, it may now get the attention it deserves.
It appears that for months, a Democrats and the propaganda press believed that Mueller was going to indict someone for collusion or obstruction of justice – most predominantly the President.  So did a lot of Republicans.  Their claim of waiting for the Mueller Report before proceeding with impeachment was founded on that erroneous belief – that hope.  Now they are facing the worst shock to their political mindset since Trump’s election, itself.  It is amazing to watch them desperately spinning on television like Whirling Dervishes as the main pillar of their post-election Resistance Movement strategy crumbles.
And yes, there are still those investigations going on in the Southern District of New York.  They involve the personal business practices of the Trump organization.  We really do not know where all that will lead.  But they are beginning to look like prosecutorial excesses – maybe even abuse.  More like politically piling on than the pursuit of justice.
Yes, there may be criticism of Trump in the report.  And yes, Democrats and the #NeverTrump media will spin whatever they can to try to justify their shameless mendacious reporting that has resulted in relentless propaganda and real damage to the republic.  That is why as bad as Trump can be at times, he is still generally a better option for many Americans than the low character, the radical policies and the gross dishonesty of his hateful enemies.  If the FBI and the major news services have suffered a blow to their reputations – and they have – they should look to those within their professions who caused the damage.
So, there ‘tis.