Trump Takes on Cummings over Poor Track Record in Baltimore…

Democrats are known for going after President Trump when they themselves have issues which have yet to be addressed. This has become a leftist tactic of deflecting from matters which are truly important. If progressives spend all their time referring to the president as a racist, then they don’t have to address the real issues of their constituents; this is why people who have been in government for decades run on improving issues in the very government which they have enabled.

On Saturday, President Trump criticized Elijah Cummings, a Democrat who has managed affairs very poorly in his district of Baltimore, Maryland. The criticism comes after questionable remarks from Cummings about the president’s immigration policies. Fox News reports that although Trump has taken left-wing heat for his statements, he remains committed to keeping the spotlight on the facts at hand.

Trump on Cummings and Baltimore

The president took to Twitter to call out Elijah Cummings for slandering Border Patrol officials when his own district is struggling. Trump stated that Cummings’ time would be better spent focusing on the Baltimore residents who are living in squalor and filth. In the following tweets, the president drew attention to matters of very real concern:

Following the above tweets, President Trump questioned why so many funds are being sent to Cummings’ district when money isn’t being used to improve the area. The president also shared a series of video clips as evidence to support his statements:

The president also tweeted and retweeted additional, supportive content on this issue:

Response from Elijah Cummings

Since facing rightful censure from the president of the United States, Cummings has attempted to defend himself. The representative took to Twitter, claiming that he is in fact fighting for the people in his district:

Accusations of Racism

Since the president’s statements about Cummings, various Democrats have come out and accused Trump of racism. This is not shocking at all; whenever the left doesn’t like something or someone, they always find a way to play the race card.

The reality here is that calling out Rep. Cummings for the plethora of issues which his district faces is not racist. Facts are facts and the proof is more than apparent for those who are willing to see it. It’s very telling that Democrats have chosen to focus on going after Trump instead of improving situations for the lower classes which they profess to be fighting for.

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