Trump Takes Aim at Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

As social media outlets continue censoring conservative and right-wing voices, they’re getting a considerable amount of pushback from displeased Americans.
One of those displeased Americans just so happens to be President Trump. Yesterday, the president questioned why left-wing groups which spread fake news are allowed to remain active on social media, as documented by Fox News.

Everything You Need to Know about the President’s Commentary

Trump’s question about the existence of left-wing news remaining on social media was delivered in the following tweet:

In all honesty, the president has a very fair point. The left wing has repeatedly put out stories which were not true and they’ve been forced to issue multiple retractions. On multiple occasions, fake news also claimed that President Trump colluded with the Russian government in order to win the 2016¬†election. Despite the Russian collusion theory being proved as a falsehood by the Mueller investigation, this hasn’t stopped various mainstream media outlets from persisting with unfounded claims.

Intellectual Honesty

If social media sites were truly serious about cracking down on fake news, then their bans and censorship would not be mutually exclusive to those are deemed as right of center. Of course, that won’t happen because censoring conservatives isn’t about intellectual honesty, but about a political agenda.
With the 2020 presidential election being right around the corner, the attempts to censor right-wing voices online are likely to increase. Democrats are desperate to regain power and will attempt to do this by any means necessary.
As Americans have seen, account deletions, video demonization, content removal, shadowbans and more are some of the acts of conservative censorship which remain underway. The fact that social media platforms and big tech share extensive ties to liberal Silicon Valley doesn’t help matters either.
For as tragic as it may be, nobody should hold their breath when waiting to see whether or not fake news from the left wing is dealt with accordingly.
What do you think about President Trump’s statement on this matter? Let us know your takeaways in the comments section down below!
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