Trump Supporters Booted From JetBlue Flight

During 2020 and 2021, the air travel industry took a lot of hits. At the heights of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, a lot of people stopped flying. It got so bad in 2020 that some airlines dropped their tickets down to the double-digit price range.

This year, travel is roaring back as more people decide to get back on planes, plan vacations, and otherwise do things they were doing before COVID.

What’s more is that the federal mask mandate for public transportation is gone. This means both travelers and airline personnel alike can choose whether or not they want to wear face coverings.

However, while the air travel industry is returning to normal, there are still certain lingering controversies. For instance, one couple from Florida is alleging that JetBlue booted them off aircraft for being Trump supporters, according to Newsmax.

The Latest Controversy Involving JetBlue Airlines

During a flight leaving West Palm Beach, Florida, a man and woman ended up being removed from the JetBlue airplane.

A viral video that’s gotten millions of views shows the couple in verbal confrontations with airline workers.

The woman can be seen telling one of the JetBlue employees that free speech is presently “dead” before asking other airline passengers if they’re observing what’s happening to America.

In another part of the video, the woman expressed her support for Tesla CEO Elon Musk before claiming she’d be suing JetBlue Airlines, along with a specific passenger riding on the flight that day.

This footage has not shown what the women’s male partner said to the flight attendants before he was removed. However, as the couple deplaned, they told everyone their removal boiled down to them being supporters of former President Trump.

Cracking Down Against Unruly Airline Passengers

At this time, the events that transpired leading up to the viral footage of this couple remain in question.

However, towards the end of last month, theĀ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that its policy of giving unruly airline passengers fines, instead of warnings or letters, will remain in place indefinitely.

This policy was put into effect during early 2021 after confrontations on airlines began, largely fueled by the federal mask mandate. Yet, even after this mandate was lifted on April 18, FAA warned that this policy wouldn’t be going away.

Delta Airlines, on the other hand, has called for unruly airline passengers to be put on the US federal no-fly list. Anyone who ends up on that list is banned from all commercial aircraft indefinitely.

What do you think caused the two Trump supporters to be removed from their flight with JetBlue Airlines? What do you think about the FAA keeping its zero-tolerance policy in place for unruly air travelers?

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