Trump Speaks at North Carolina GOP Convention

"170911-D-IP333-0063" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Former President Trump has made it clear that he will not be silenced. Despite biased reports from the liberal mainstream press and big tech’s ongoing blacklist, Trump is still finding out ways to make his voice heard. 

These days, the 45th president’s most frequent mode of communication entails putting out various press releases. Some of the latest press releases to come from Trump center around the Fauci email leak, the poor leadership of Biden, and more. 

“190725-D-SV709-0957” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Yesterday, Trump also made his voice heard by speaking at the North Carolina Republican Party’s convention. During this speech, the former president made a series of important points, as Newsmax reports. 

The Highlights of Trump’s North Carolina GOP Convention Speech

While in North Carolina on Saturday, the former president discussed the current state of the nation under Biden, along with the future of the GOP. Trump explained that while he works to preserve American democracy, the Democrats and liberal media are working to “undermine” it. 

Later at the North Carolina GOP convention, Trump warned that Biden is on a fast track to turning America into a dictatorship.

The former president pointed out that strong borders and election integrity are paramount to ensuring that America doesn’t turn into a dictatorship. Biden, meanwhile, continues to support amnesty, lax immigration rules, and bringing the federal government into state-level elections. 

Trump’s warnings about Biden’s poor leadership thus far continued. The 45th president pointed out that under Biden, China is getting stronger than ever, critical race theory is promoted, and “left-wing cancel culture” is overtaking freedom.” 

Finally, Trump explained that the 2022 midterms will be “tremendous.” 

A Make or Break Midterm Season

In many ways, the midterm elections are make or break for the nation. They will determine whether Democrats expand power or if Republicans reinstate balance in the federal government. The current state of affairs since Biden’s arrival into office have shown that Democrats don’t do well with too much power. 

During Trump’s time at the North Carolina GOP convention last night, he endorsed Rep. Ted Budd. The former president has made a habit of throwing his support behind conservatives who support America First policies; like other Republicans, Trump views the American First brand of conservativism as paramount to GOP victories. 

Republicans, at this time, are in pretty good shape to win back the House of Representatives; however, the Senate isn’t totally out of reach either. Right now, there are 50 sitting Democrats and 50 sitting Republicans. 

To regain the Senate majority, Republicans need to win at least one more seat. 

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