Trump Slams Big Tech Companies with Massive Lawsuit


For year after year, big tech companies have chosen to censor and shut down conservative users while letting left-wingers post with virtual impunity. In fact, the censorship has gotten worse and worse as time passes.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have taken heat over the years for the unfair and disproportionate censorship of conservatives; even Google has been caught suppressing viewership of conservative sites and then boosting left-wing platforms. 

Americans have had it. For quite some time, the growing pushback against these big tech companies has been brewing. These sites claim that no one is unfairly censored because of their politics; however, years and years of evidence consistently proves otherwise. 

On Wednesday, it all came to a head. As Newsmax confirms, Donald Trump is now hitting Facebook, Twitter, and Google with a serious class-action lawsuit. 

The Ins and Outs of Trump’s Lawsuit Against Big Tech

After officially announcing his class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Trump spoke to Newsmax. The former president informed the conservative publication that these big tech companies have been waging an all-out war against free speech and then cowering behind Section 230. 

Trump also remarked that free speech is a must in the United States; this came before the former president revealed that countless Americans have urged him to bring suit against big tech. Later, Trump also made clear that he believes his class-action lawsuit will impact how big tech companies operate going forward. 

In this lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, and Google, Trump seeks damages at both monetary and punitive levels. Furthermore, the 45th president aims for Facebook and Twitter to strike down the indefinite bans they imposed against him, following the events of January 6, 2021. 

More Important Trump News

The latest news about Trump’s class-action lawsuit is already making headlines across the nation. It likewise comes as the former president carries out his Save America tour. Right now, this tour consists of multiple rallies behind held across the nation; Trump’s already rallied in Ohio and Florida, with many other stops coming up. 

Americans can keep an eye out for news on Trump’s class-action suit by following the former president on Gab; Trump supporters are moreover encouraged to keep an eye out for Trump’s press releases and comments from his advisers. 

Later this year, Trump is also expected to create his own social media platform; although, whether or not the class-action lawsuit results in Trump’s reinstatement on Twitter and Facebook will be revealed as time passes. 

What do you make of former President Trump’s class-action lawsuit against Google, Twitter, and Facebook? Do you believe this lawsuit will change the way these big tech companies operate? Let us know your thoughts on this newest development below in the comments section.