Trump Shuts Down O'Rourke Following Texas Shooting

Over this past weekend, El Paso, Texas experienced a horrific public shooting which resulted in 22 casualties. This has left the nation reeling in horror and debating over various methods to prevent future occurrences. Democrats are predictably calling for gun control and claiming that President Trump is responsible for the actions of mass shooters. The politicization of mass shootings is unfortunate and ultimately solves nothing. After all, it has been proven time and time again that criminals do not follow gun control laws.

In the wake of what happened in El Paso, President Trump announced that he will visit the city. Beto O’Rourke, a 2020 Democrat whose hometown is in Texas, took issue with this. O’Rourke slammed the president as hateful and racist and likened him to Hitler. This prompted the president to respond to O’Rourke via Twitter, as reported by Fox News.

Trump vs. O’Rourke

The president called out O’Rourke by noting his phony first name and poor polling amongst Democrat candidates. Trump then wrapped up his tweet by stating that O’Rourke should respect the victims of the El Paso shooting and law enforcement officiers.

See for yourself:

Obviously, O’Rourke’s assertions that Trump bears responsibility for the shooting in El Paso, Texas is absolutely ridiculous. The only person responsible for what happened in El Paso is the shooter. Instead of acknowledging this and letting go of Trump Derangement Syndrome, O’Rourke and other Democrats continue to push this narrative that the president somehow masterminded the El Paso shooting.

Following the statements from President Trump, O’Rourke doubled down on his own stupidity.

Hatred of Trump Over Love for Americans

At this point, there is no denying that the Democrats’ hatred for Trump supersedes the love they claim to have for Americans. This is precisely why progressives continue to blame the president for this weekend’s incidents and call for gun control. Progressives have furthermore stated that the NRA and anyone else who doesn’t back stricter gun control legislation are terrible. It would be amazing if the left-wing directed this outrage towards the actual perpetrators of this weekend’s incidents.

Likewise, Democrats are not willing to address mental health issues or other matters which contribute to mass shootings. Pointing the finger at President Trump and making false accusations of racism does absolutely nothing to help victims or prevent future mass shootings.

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