Trump Reveals Final Plans For State Of The Union Address

Americans recently learned that President Donald Trump will wait until the government is open before delivering the State of the Union address, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

An Overview of the Upcoming State of the Union

President Trump sent out the following tweets regarding the State of the Union address:

The president’s tweets come after House Speaker Pelosi stated that she would not open up the House Chambers for Trump to give the address. Pelosi cited the ongoing government shutdown and the plethora of federal workers who are going without paychecks as reasons.
Prior to Pelosi’s cancellation of the State of the Union, she urged President Trump to either postpone the address or deliver it in writing. The president, however, maintained that he intended to go forth and give the address as usual in the traditional setting and form.

More on the Government Shutdown

The government shutdown has been in effect for over one month and there appears to be no resolution in clear sight. Congress is set to vote on certain bills which would reopen government, however, they are not expected to garner the necessary votes in order to succeed.
Meanwhile, both President Trump and the Democrats are sticking by their positions and refusing to relent to the other side. The president remains steadfastly determined to gather the $5.7 billion dollars needed for his border wall while Democrats are dead set against the provision of funds for a barrier at the United States Southern border.
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