Trump Releases His Plan for America Called “Agenda 47”

This past Friday, former President Donald Trump unveiled his brand new “Agenda 47” programs, promising to give Americans a new chance at obtaining and getting to live the American Dream.

Trump’s Dream for America

This new strategy calls for the construction of new cities, the inception of a transportation revolution, the restoration of American manufacturing, the reduction of living expenses, and the reconstruction and enhancement of already existing American cities.

The former president described his vision as a new Quantum Leap plan that will establish a new American future and revitalize communities all over the country.

This seems to be a jab at the Agenda 2030 plan of the Marxist, Globalist World Economic Forum, which calls for the abolition of land ownership, submission to China, and the end of America’s position as the preeminent global powerhouse.

Well, that does not sound scary at all!

To reach their crazy goals, Democrats need to depend on corrupt politicians and officials who are ready to betray America and its people.

On March 3, Donald J. Trump posted the following news release to his website from Florida:

“The new Quantum Leap initiative, which was introduced by President Trump, will reimagine the future of America and transform and upgrade localities all over the United States of America.”

President Trump has outlined an ambitious plan to transform the American Standard of Living through the construction of new cities.

He’s also going to bring his new vision for the United States to life via investments in transportation, lowering the living expenses for everyone in the country, and upgrading public places and services all around the nation.

According to the former president, Donald Trump, previous generations of Americans pursued enormous ambitions and bold initiatives that once seemed completely unachievable.

The former GOP president went on to say that presently, our nation has lost its audacity. He then promised that he will bring it back in a huge way.

However, Trump says this can only be achieved under his guidance if he is voted in as president again. He claims that a significant improvement in the American Level of Life will be his goal.

Bold Claims

Trump has also pledged to undo Joe Biden’s “crazy” and progressive policies.

The former president is on record with vows to defend our southern border in the same way it was defended while he was in the White House, hold China responsible for the COVID-19 bioweapon, and leave the World Health Organization (WHO), which he claims stood for “We Hide Outbreaks.”

Also outlined by the former president was his “mass deportation plan,” in which he pledged to employ all available state, municipal, federal, and military resources to execute the greatest domestic deportation campaign in American history.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.