Trump Prepares To Give In — Insists He Can Get Border Funding From 'Other Sources'

As the conflict over the border wall continues to increase, certain reports are claiming that President Trump is preparing to “give in” to Congressional Democrats and seek border funding from other sources, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Current State of Affairs on Border Wall Funding

As the deadline to keep government open approaches, Congress has put forth a prospective “compromise” to meet President Trump’s immigration demands. Unfortunately, the aforementioned compromise is a far cry from receiving the $5.7 billion dollars which are paramount for building the wall along the Southern border. Of course, the Democrats know this and are doing everything they can to ram the legislation through Congress.
If the Democrats have their way, the new bill to keep the government open after Friday will provide $1.375 billion dollars for a physical barrier at the Southern border and reduce the number of detention beds which are managed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Of course, this “compromise” is terrible because it fails to meet the stipulations which the president has repeatedly mandated. However, reports claim that President Trump may sign the legislation and then garner the rest of the funds from the government via executive order.
Only time will tell.
Do you believe that President Trump will accept the compromise bill which Congress has put forth and seek funding from other sources? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!