Trump Now Poses Zero Coronavirus "Transmission Risk"

"President Trump Hosts the Opening Day of" (Public Domain) by The White House

Since President Trump tested positive for coronavirus, went to Walter Reed Hospital, and then returned to the White House, the rabid, anti-Trump left seethed.
The president has faced accusations of supposedly “downplaying” COVID-19. Leftists stated that by Trump urging Americans against fearing coronavirus and allowing it to dominate their lives, he’s actually doing more harm than good.

Many conservatives disagree with this outlook; in fact, certain voices on the right maintain that irrational fear is responsible for some of the grave plights Americans face today.
Yesterday, though, more good news arrived regarding President Trump’s bounce back from COVID-19. According to Sean Conley, a physician for the White House, the president now poses absolutely no “transmission risk” for coronavirus, Breitbart News documents.

The Latest Update on President Trump’s Health

Yesterday, Dr. Conley released a very detailed memo to the press. In this memo, the White House medical physician confirms that the president is “no longer considered a [COVID-19] transmission risk” to people around him.
The news comes amid President Trump’s return to the campaign trails this week. On Monday, Trump will travel to Florida to gather with supporters for yet another rally. There is also talk of the president holding a rally on October 15 since the Commission on Presidential Debates axed what would have been the second presidential debate.

Critics of the president maintain that his return to the campaign trail this week makes him a “superspreader” of coronavirus; however, there is now medical documentation that disproves this already flimsy theory.
It’s also worth noting that prior to news that Trump is no longer a transmission risk, he received medical authorization for interactions with the public.

The Fading COVID-19 Factor

After the announcement that President Trump turned up positive for COVID-19, his critics rapidly worked to make this a significant factor in the 2020 race. However, with multiple doctors’ notes confirming that the president is set and ready to go, talk of his past, positive diagnosis for COVID-19 will continue to fade.

Real issues have captured the concern and interest of Americans. These issues include the future of the Supreme Court, law and order, and the restoration of jobs; ensuring that the nation doesn’t shut down again under a Biden presidency is another critical matter.
The facts and data show that most Americans are ready to get back to their lives and livelihoods. President Trump has promised to facilitate this with another four years in the White House.
Are you pleased with the medical confirmation that Trump poses no risk of spreading coronavirus? Which issues facing the nation are most important to you? Let us know down below in the comments section.