Trump, McCarthy in the Running for Possible House Speakership

As things currently stand, the Republican Party is in a very strong position to regain the House of Representatives in 2022. Right now, the GOP has several elements in its favor. From Republicans only needing to win a handful more seats to redistricting happening, Democrats are unlikely to keep the House majority past November 2022. 

Should Republicans win the House of Representatives next year, current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be out. This means that the new House body will have to vote on which Republican they’d like to be speaker of the House. 

Now, for some time, it was assumed that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would become the next House Speaker. However, Washington Examiner confirms that there’s talk about former President Trump taking an interest in the House speakership. 

Who Will Be the Next House Speaker? 

During a Fox News interview on Friday, Leader McCarthy was asked about the prospect of Trump becoming the next House Speaker.

McCarthy, for his part, explained that he’s spoken with Trump on numerous occasions; the House Minority Leader then confirmed that Trump has expressed to him an interest in being the next speaker of the House. However, McCarthy also stated that despite Trump’s expressed interest in a House speakership position, McCarthy believes Trump ought to be president instead. 

During an interview just weeks ago, Trump described the prospect of him becoming the speaker of the House as “interesting.” There has also been some talk about the former president possibly seeking a U.S. Senate seat; however, this hasn’t garnered as much talk as the plausibility of House Speaker Donald J. Trump.  

At this time, however, McCarthy appears to be the likeliest candidate for House Speaker, should Republicans regain the majority. Furthermore, Trump on multiple occasions has indicated the possibility of running for president again in 2024. 

Strong Conservative Leadership in Congress

The need for strong, conservative leadership in Congress is very much apparent. With President Biden in the White House, Republican lawmakers are necessary to counter disastrous, poor policies. Likewise, it is imperative for conservatives to end the current power monopoly that Democrats are enjoying and abusing. 

Right now, it is too early to say who will become House Speaker, should the GOP take back the House from Democrats. However, many Republicans across the nation will be relieved to have Pelosi out. She is currently one of the least popular politicians in America. 

Furthermore, a House controlled by Republicans will demand bipartisan work to pass legislation through Congress. No longer will Democrats be able to cast the GOP aside and pass bills with only left-wing votes. 

Do you think former President Trump should be the next House Speaker? Would you rather see the speakership role go to Leader Kevin McCarthy? Let us know in the comments section below.