Trump Gives Bombshell Interview to NewsmaxTV

"Space Policy Directive - 1 Signing (NHQ2" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by NASA HQ PHOTO

Former President Trump remains very much relevant and active in the world of politics. With Joe Biden in the Oval Office, more and more Americans are missing Trump, his leadership, and his policies. 

Biden, at this time, is on a fast track to ripping the nation to shreds. With one horrific policy after the other, this president is worsening the deficit, increasing crime, raising taxes, and working to undo all of Trump’s positive work. 

“Space Policy Directive – 1 Signing (NHQ2” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by NASA HQ PHOTO

Trump, meanwhile, remains involved in politics and determined to help Republicans win the midterm elections. This weekend, Trump sat down with Newsmax and delivered a bombshell interview. 

The Latest and Greatest Trump Interview

When the former president sat down with Newsmax yesterday, he covered a variety of pressing matters. These matters pertained to the Southern border, foreign policy, trade, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and more. 

In regards to the Southern border, the 45th president explained that all his predecessor had to do was “nothing” to keep things in order. Since Biden rolled back Trump-era border policies, surges in migrants and drugs across the border have been out of control. Meanwhile, Vice President Harris has gone more than two months without a single border visit or press conference. 

When discussing China, Trump warned that the communist nation is skating by with murder. This assessment came amid news that the coronavirus may have a man-made origination from a Wuhan lab.

Likewise, Trump declared that with the direction that Biden is going with “green” energy and shutting down U.S. mineral mining, China could overtake America in regards to world and economic power. 

Before the interview concluded, Trump denounced the poor treatment of Israel before talking about the success of his trade deals. The former president noted that his trade deals have done so much good that even Biden won’t mess with them. 

A Warning Come to Life

During the 2020 presidential race, Trump warned about the many bad events that would befall America if Biden got into office. Unfortunately, these warnings continue to come to life as the Biden administration makes one horrible choice after the other with impunity. 

Between now and 2024 will be an interesting next few years. If the Republican Party wins the congressional races next year, this will make it significantly harder for the Biden administration to carry out its radical agenda. 

What needs to happen right now is balance in the federal government. This current power monopoly that Democrats have in the federal government is just not working. 

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