Trump Fires Back at Nancy Pelosi

Over the past few weeks, tensions between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have reached new levels of intensity. Pelosi is alleged to have said behind closed doors that she would like to see the president behind bars. Prior to that statement, the House Speaker has also made various disparaging remarks about Trump being in office and his presidency in general.

During an interview with Laura Ingraham, the president fought back.

Trump shared his own thoughts on Nancy Pelosi and, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation, Trump had quite a lot to say.

What Does the President Think of Nancy Pelosi?

First, the president donned a new nickname for the speaker of the House which just so happens to be “Nervous Nancy.” Trump described Pelosi has a “nervous wreck” who would be better off focusing on the issues which her district is currently faced with.

Shortly thereafter, President Trump slammed Pelosi yet again, stating that she lack the temperament and ability to do deals and take care of business.

See for yourself:

Finally, Trump stated that Pelosi should do whatever she wants because she and the Democrat are “in big trouble.”

Trump vs. Pelosi

The reality is that Nancy Pelosi has not attempted to work with the president at all, whatsoever. Instead of putting aside partisanship and finding common ground, Pelosi has denigrated Trump in the press, called for him to be locked up, and claimed that he is egging Democrat on to impeach him.

After publicly insulting the president, Pelosi will go to meetings and wonder why it doesn’t work out well. If any progress is going to be made in politics, both sides have to be willing to work with one another. Time and time again, the House Speaker continues to demonstrate her unwillingness to work with Trump and get things done.

This is why she is so terrible at deal-making, as the president stated during his interview with Laura Ingraham.

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