Trump Eviscerates New York Times in Series of Tweets

It’s no secret that fake news which is regularly peddled by a biased press has not sat well with President Trump.
Earlier this morning, the president ripped into the New York Times via Twitter, censuring their coverage of the Russia investigation and the economy.

Reviewing the President’s Tweets

The tweets from President Trump are rapidly making headlines as various sources weigh in with their own thoughts and commentary. The tweets in question read as follows:

Trump then shared his thoughts on the manner in which the leftist media has chosen to cover economic gains which have taken place during his presidency:

The president then weighed in on Fox News, noting the ratings which they have in comparison to other media networks.

Finally, the president’s tweets concluded with his thoughts on how Twitter plays a role in political bias and the status of his promised border wall.

Trump’s saga of tweets come after longstanding efforts of sabotage from the Democrats. Many on the left have refused to acknowledge the ways in which the president has helped the economy. Instead, they’ve chosen to claim that former President Obama is really the one who Americans ought to be thanking.
The left-wing’s track record with the Russia investigation is even worse. Throughout the entire probe, Democrats insisted that Trump was guilty of colluding with the Russians in order to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.
When the president’s assertions of innocence in this matter were proven to be accurate, Democrats then began digging into Trump’s financial records and badgering the IRS to turns over years worth of his tax returns. Moreover, Democrats have attempted, yet again, to impeach the president.
What do you think about President Trump’s tweets? Did he make some pretty valid points? Let us know your feedback in the comments section down below!
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