Trump Directly Opposes Forced Vaccinations

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The coronavirus vaccine has already led to certain pushes for forced vaccinations. Multiple colleges and universities have come out and stated that immunization against coronavirus will be a requirement for student attendance. Meanwhile, some employers are mandating it as a condition of employment for their workers. 

Amid the presence of coronavirus vaccines, Democrats are already pushing for mandatory vaccine passports. A considerable majority of folks on the left have no issue with Americans lacking vaccine passports being barred from society.

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New York and Hawaii already committed to vaccine passports; conversely, the GOP and Republican governors have come out against vaccine passports programs, banning them in certain states. 

Yesterday, former President Donald Trump formally and fully came out against forced vaccinations, as Breitbart News reports. 

Trump on Forced Vaccinations 

On Thursday, the 45th president had a phone interview with the New York Post. During the conversation, Trump weighed in on the coronavirus vaccine and its availability to the American public. 

According to Trump, the coronavirus immunization is a “great thing”; however, the 45th president also reiterated that he does not support forcing the vaccine on anyone who does not wish to receive it. After confirming that he is not in favor of forced vaccinations, the former president described the COVID-19 vaccine as a “great miracle.” 

Shortly before leaving office, Trump received the vaccine. While speaking with the New York Post, the former president explained that he had a pleasant experience with getting his shots. Trump stated that the coronavirus vaccine didn’t cause any soreness or issues with his arm. 

Finally, Trump told the New York Post that the coronavirus vaccine is responsible for saving tens of millions of lives worldwide. 

Vaccine Passports in the United States 

Trump’s remarks about the coronavirus vaccine come as vaccine passports in the United States remain heavily debated and scrutinized. 

Many Americans do see these vaccine passport programs as another vehicle of forced vaccination. Supporters of vaccine passports want people to have to show these passports just to partake in regular society. Mandating people to show their medical history to the government or private sector is not the American way. 

Ultimately, vaccine passport programs are a form of forced vaccination; this is why they’ve engendered so much controversy in the United States thus far. 

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