Trump Continues Biden Criticism: He Doesn't Have the "Mental Capacity!"

As the Democrat primaries continue, left-wing candidates are gearing up and doing all they can to position themselves to take on President Trump. However, the president is very much aware of this and is fighting back in good, old Trump style.

During an earlier phone interview with Fox News, Trump shared his updated views on Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden and why Biden lacks “what it takes” to become the next president of the United States.

President Trump on Joe Biden

Put simply, the president does not think Biden has what is needed to become the next commander-in-chief. Furthermore, this is a perspective which Trump has maintained about Biden for quite some time.

In the president’s own words:

“[Biden] doesn’t have what it takes. It means mental capacity, it means a lot of different things. He never did have what it takes.”

Trump furthermore noted that he used to refer to Biden as “one percent Joe,” a reference to the former vice president’s previously unsuccessful attempts to run for the White House. Finally, President Trump stated that former President Obama is responsible for Biden being known in present day.

“Obama came along, and surprisingly, took him off of, I say, the trash heap.”

The Decline in Biden’s Momentum

Biden may be the current frontrunner within his party, but he is losing momentum, to say the least. The former vice president is facing attacks from both sides of the aisle. Furthermore, as the stakes get higher, various Democrats are moving up in polls and narrowing the extent of Biden’s lead.

There is still plenty of time before Democrats select their nominee. If progressives have anything to say about it, Biden will not be representing the Democrat Party in the upcoming general election. A lot can happen between now and then, but as Biden’s momentum wanes, it simply proves what President Trump has thought about Biden all along.

Biden does not have what it takes to become president of the United States and is much better suited for being the best friend of Obama.

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